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Fegime Hellas & Cyprus one of the 7 winners of the Growth Awards

Fegime Hellas & Cyprus has been awarded the Growth Awards winner in the Human Growth and Competitiveness Awards of the "Human Potential and Corporate Culture" category, which was organized for the third year by Eurobank and Grant Thornton.

Out of the 8,000 enterprises evaluated, 200 accounted for their financial data, only 19 were selected in the final phase and 7 were awarded prize winners, including Fegime Hellas & Cyprus. The evaluation process to highlight the growth, excellence and dynamics of the companies was carried out using special analysis of key financial ratios and indicators as well as specific qualitative characteristics.

"Growth Awards" are an initiative aimed at highlighting and rewarding the Greek businesses that stand out by combining high economic performance with a successful modern business history and helping to shape a new landscape of entrepreneurship and work culture in the country.