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With this app you always have all important information at hand!
The ideal tool for building sites, customer service, workshop, office and meetings.

This app contains formulae which are automatically converted, understandable graphics and clear tabulations

At present only SI-Units!!!!!
Most table entries are based on German and / or European standards!

At this time following functions are integrated:
Tabulations and graphics
- Protection Classes
- IP Code
- Current Ratings (at present only available in German)
- Assignments (ISDN, TAE etc.)
- Terminal Identification
- Motor Terminals
- Circuits (Light)
- Fiber Optics Engineering
- Fuse Color Codes
- Color Coded Cable End Sleeves
- Telecommunication cable: sorting the colorcode
- Typical Illuminance Strengths
- Fluorescent Lamp Data (Colors, Lengths)
- Lamp Sockets
- Component Symbols
- Equipment Identification
- Acronyms and Abbreviations (under construction)
- Own Documents
(Upload your own files in this App.)

Formulae Calculator
- Power
- Motor Power
- Voltage Drop
- Compensation
- Ohm's Law
- Cable Dimensioning (Convenience-Voltage-Drop-Calculator)
- Cost of Electricity
- Cable Length
- Cable Price (DEL, €)
- Fixation Interval Calculator
- Scale Calculator
- Pythagorean Theorem
- Power over Energy Meter
- Sat-Finder, Dish Alignment Calculator (Freely selectable location coordinates and satellites.)

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